Men’s Health Month Impacts Everyone

By: Boone County Health Center

June is Men’s Health Month, but it’s not just about men. We all know that men’s health affects wives, daughters, sisters and mothers too.

Many conditions can be detected early with regular checkups, and insurance often covers preventative care at 100%. Still, men make half as many preventative care doctor visits as women.

They also live five years less on average than women and have a higher death rate from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and suicide.

Help the men in your life get a checkup by calling one of our clinics at:

ALBION: 402-395-5013

ELGIN: 402-843-5910

NANCE COUNTY: 308-536-2446

NEWMAN GROVE 402-447-6215

SPALDING: 308-497-2485

Then share this post with the important men in your life, because men’s health impacts everyone.