Speech Therapy

The Speech Therapy department at BCHC provides a range of treatments for all ages of people in various settings. Our speech therapists are certified in many different treatment programs in the areas of speech-language, swallowing, voice and cognition. They provide individualized therapy in the outpatient, hospital, and home health settings. One thing that might suprise you about speech therapy is that they also work pateints who have dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). Speech therapy ensures that patients are able to reach their maximum potential to communicate and participate effectively in activities of daily life.

Speech services include


  • Speech-language assessment and treatment following a stroke or brain injury.
  • Cognitive assessment and treatment for memory loss, brain
  • Dysphagia assessment and treatment for difficulty swallowing, GERD, or persistent cough.
  • Voice assessment and treatment for loss of voice.


  • Articulation and delayed language assessment and treatment for children.
  • Dysphagia assessment and treatment for feeding/swallowing difficulty.
  • Fluency assessment and treatment for stuttering.
  • Pragmatic assessment and treatment for appropriate social behavior.

Speech certifications

  • eSwallow: e-stim therapy for swallowing impairment

Speech affiliations

  • BCHC Cancer Care program
  • BCHC CarePartners Program

Get Started

For more information about Speech Therapy call 402.395.3113.