Our Mission

Since our inception in 1988, the Boone County Health Center Foundation’s purpose has been “To seek, receive and administer donations and gifts which support health care offered to the service area by the Boone County Health Center and medical clinics”. Our role as beneficiary to the Health Center has grown over the years and we now have five members that serve as ambassadors for their local communities.

The Boone County Health Center and Foundation continue to benefit from the generosity and support of so many in our service area. Community support along with quality, caring employees and providers make it possible to maintain outstanding healthcare service close to home for many years to come and for that we Thank You!

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Contribute to Boone County Health Center Foundation’s Endowment

Give back in a way that benefits both you and patients at Boone County Health Center not only for decades but for centuries to come, with the brand-new Boone County Health Center Foundation endowment.

What is an endowment? This endowment is a core pool of money which is invested. A portion of the income earned by the endowment is then used to fund vital needs at Boone County Health Center.

Where will my money go? Contributions to the endowment will add to the principal and remain intact forever. The intention is that, through the years, this money will not be touched but will grow with additional contributions.

Why start an endowment fund now? The cost of providing health care is on a steep incline. The payout from the endowment will offer a reliable source of funding Boone County Health Center can count on as upgrades are needed well into the future.

What is the minimum amount I can donate to the endowment? Endowments are not just for big donors. Any amount, large or small, can be earmarked towards the endowment. Through your contribution, you can help Boone County Health Center care for your family and friends for generations to come.

Reasons to Support the BCHC Foundation’s Endowment:

Some things do last. In a world that is constantly changing, contributing to an endowment means you are supporting something that will stand the test of time.
Be immortal. You have worked hard for everything you have. It can be incredibly fulfilling to name Boone County Health Center Foundation Endowment as a beneficiary in your will or estate. You will know the assets you accumulated over a lifetime will live on into eternity.
Tax rewards. Talk to your tax advisor about the benefits of giving to an endowment.

The Boone County Health Center Foundation endowment was established through Nebraska Community Foundation.

For more information or to donate, call the Boone County Health Center Foundation office at 402-395-3145 or click here and put “Endowment” as the Donation Designation:

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Memorial gifts are a wonderful way to remember and honor a loved one who has passed away.  These gifts express sympathy and respect. Your gift is an act of affection, friendship, and thoughtfulness. You are telling friends and loved ones how deeply you care for them.  Become a healing friend of the Boone County Health Center who can benefit from your gift.

Memorial gifts of $250 or more qualifies donors for a plaque with the tribute’s name to be placed on our donor tree in the front lobby.

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For any questions or to make a donation over the phone call the Foundation Office.

Sarah Grape, Executive Director:  402-395-3145.

Click here to give via Venmo:

Board of Directors

Sarah Grape-Executive Director

Will Zoucha, Cedar Rapids

Tori Petsche-Vice President, Petersburg

Mandy Luettel-Treasurer, Albion

Kate Seier-Secretary, Albion





Ken Kurtenbach-President, Lindsay

Ralph Horacek, Fullerton

Sheila Fowlkes, Newman Grove

Lindsey Christman, St. Edward

Karen Glesinger, Spalding