Anne Parks Elected to Boone County Health Center Foundation Board

By: Aprill Murphy

ALBION, Nebraska (April 3, 2024)—Boone County Health Center (BCHC) is thrilled to announce Anne Parks’s appointment to its Foundation Board. With a rich background in banking and a deep commitment to community service, Parks brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her new role.

Anne Parks, a native of Petersburg, NE, has served as Vice President at Bank of Elgin for 19 years. Parks’ connection to Boone County Health Center runs deep, having previously served as the Foundation Director from 2001 to 2004. She brings firsthand experience of the Health Center’s evolution and its vital role in the community.

Parks, alongside her husband Ed, a Crop Insurance Adjustor, and their children Brent, Evan, and Jenna, understands the importance of accessible healthcare in rural areas. Her commitment to the Health Center’s mission stems from her belief in the invaluable services it provides locally. As a long-term resident of the area, Parks has personally witnessed the transformative impact of Boone County Health Center on her family’s health and well-being.

When asked about her motivations for joining the Foundation Board, Parks emphasized the critical support the Foundation offers to the Health Center, underscoring the significance of local healthcare services. She expressed her excitement about BCHC’s advancements, particularly highlighting the Rudman Rehabilitation Center, a project she was closely involved with in its early stages.

Parks encourages individuals considering healthcare options to explore Boone County Health Center, emphasizing its exceptional team of providers and comprehensive services available locally. She believes that by choosing Boone County Health Center, patients gain access to high-quality care without the need to travel to urban areas.

Boone County Health Center is honored to welcome Anne Parks to its Foundation Board and looks forward to her valuable contributions toward advancing healthcare accessibility and excellence in the community.