Caravan Health and Boone County Health Center Team up for Better Care

By: Boone County Health Center

Boone County Health Center and Caravan Health today announced a new collaboration to strengthen health care for the Boone County Health Center community. In this new arrangement, area health providers will form a Medicare accountable care organization (ACO) with the goals of providing coordinated, high quality health care and achieving greater cost efficiency. Being part of an ACO helps providers to create, operate, and manage successful population health programs and achieve sustainable success.

Boone County Health Center has been providing high quality care to the community for many years.

Caravan Health’s mission is helping community health systems thrive in value-based care. In 2017, Caravan Health ACOs surpassed nationwide ACO performance with total savings of over $54 million and quality scores of 94 percent. Along with these savings for the Medicare program, Caravan Health ACOs earned shared savings of more than $15 million. These shared savings go directly back to the providers doing the work of delivery system reform.

“Caravan Health’s proven methodology delivers the benefits of strong population health to communities and hospitals ready for transformation,” said Lynn Barr, Caravan Health CEO and founder. “We are honored to work with the highly talented clinical and administrative teams at Boone County Health Center. This partnership is the key to high quality care, strong physician relationships, and measurable cost savings.”

“This new partnership is a great opportunity for our medical staff to create a long term plan of care with our Medicare population. With this program, we emphasize value-based care, which focuses on high quality care while keeping Medicare costs low,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lynette Kramer. “As we begin, our main emphasis is on the Medicare annual wellness visit (AWV). This visit is free to our Medicare patients. During this visit we will assess preventative care (mammogram, immunizations, bone density, etc.). In addition, it gives us a chance to find other things that often impact an aging population, such as hearing loss, vision loss, memory loss and falls.”