Games and Prizes for Health Palooza Unveiled

By: Boone County Health Center

Boone County Health Center (BCHC) is gearing up for a huge Health Palooza on June 14th from 4 to 8 p.m. at Albion’s city park and the lot behind the medical clinic.

“The Health Palooza is sure to be a great time for all ages,” said BCHC Public Relations Director Aprill Murphy. “We hope everyone will mark their calendars and plan to join the fun.”

Eight clowns from Carson’s Cow Tippers Clown Alley will be onsite to amaze and inspire laughs with glitter tattoos, balloon animals and goofy entertainment. BCHC’s Surgery Department will host a life-sized Operation game and giant blow-up colon. The Information Technology (IT) Department will give virtual tours with virtual reality glasses.

Money and prizes will be flying with the Money Machine. People can jump inside the wind tunnel and grab as much as they can before time runs out.

The State Patrol is bringing their Ultra Cockpit Driving Simulator, which uses three computer screens for wide-angled viewing of the more than 200 realistic driving scenarios and exercises that test driving skills.

The Roll-Over Unit from the State Patrol will be onsite too. It vividly shows what happens without a seatbelt in a rollover crash to remind drivers young and old how vital it is to wear your seatbelt.

The first fifty toddlers who sign up before June 3rd will get a free T-shirt and can join in the Toddler Races at 5 p.m. Wheelchair Races will give participants a chance to try their hand at maneuvering a wheelchair through cones. Two people will race at a time and the winner will get a free T-shirt while supplies last.

Giant Jenga and Plenko games will be a big hit in helping put all the pieces together, and free pool entree from 3 to 7 p.m. will add to the fun. BCHC Primary Care Providers (PCPs) will be onsite to help with games at the pool. Local fire departments will bring a fire truck and ambulance along with the Jaws of Life.

The Boone County Extension Office’s “smoothie bikes” will be making cold treats with a little pedal power, and a free pork sandwich meal will be served along with free kettle corn and popsicles as well.

“We want our patients to know how much we value them. What better way than hosting a fun day for everyone,” Murphy said.