Health Center Awarded for Surpassing Safety Standards

By: Boone County Health Center

The Nebraska Hospital Association and its subsidiary company NHA Services, in partnership with LMC Insurance and Risk Management recognized several Nebraska hospitals with a 2020 Hospital Safety Award.

Hospitals were selected based upon the following criteria related to staff safety:

  • A 12-month loss ratio of 0%;
  • An experience modification factor of .85 or less;
  • No incurred costs for fall related claims; and
  • No incurred costs for lifting and/or muscle strain related claims

There are three levels of safety awards: Gold (all 4 criteria are met); Silver (3 out of 4 are met) and Bronze (2 out of 4 are met). Boone County Health Center was one of just eight total hospitals in Nebraska to be recognized with this award earning a bronze level staff safety award.

“Safety in our hospitals is vital to the health and wellbeing of not only the facility but the patients it serves,” commented Jon Borton, Vice President, NHA Services, Inc.  “The NHA is proud to partner with LMC in honoring these member hospitals’ efforts in making safety a priority.”

“Boone County Health Center has a committee dedicated to safety, and we take many extra steps to keep our staff safe. It’s nice to see our staff’s efforts in safety recognized with this award,” said Boone County Health Center Risk Manager Jeanne Temme.

Boone County Health Center has a long history of staff safety, having received the Silver Award in the past as well as the Bronze Award multiple times.