How to Experience a Better Surgery Outcome at a Lower Cost

By: Boone County Health Center

Could you have a better experience if you choose to have surgery at Boone County Health Center (BCHC) verses going to a larger city? According to a study by Dr. Andrew M. Ibrahim of the University of Michigan Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy, the answer could be yes.

Dr Ibrahim’s study found critical access hospitals similar to BCHC had lower rates of serious complications (6.4% verses 13.9%). According to the study, when costs were compared, patients at smaller hospitals actually paid an average of $5,980 less per surgery than those at larger hospitals.

In his study, Dr. Ibrahim compared data for four common types of surgery: appendectomy, cholecystectomy, colectomy, and hernia repair. Did you know all these procedures can be performed at BCHC in Albion?

Dr. Schneider is the general surgeon at BCHC. He comes to Albion on the first three Mondays of every month to do surgery. Dr. Schneider is known for his kindness and patience. He has a reputation for explaining things in a way that make sense to his patients.

BCHC offers family-centered care from pediatrics to geriatrics. Unlike larger surgery centers, which only offer surgery, you can have your appointments before, during, and after surgery right here at the Health Center. No bouncing around from place to place. Until recently, little research had been done on the outcome of surgery at smaller, critical-access hospitals like BCHC. However, Dr. Ibrahim’s study findings might not come as a surprise to the patients who have experienced the special TLC you receive at a rural hospital.

When you’re a patient at BCHC, you aren’t just a number. You are our friend and our neighbor. We care about you and have a special interest in making sure your surgery has a positive outcome. And as Dr. Ibrahim’s study suggests, our outcomes reflect that. It just makes sense to have your surgery locally where statistics suggest you will have a better chance of receiving lower costs, fewer complications, and ultimately better outcomes. To learn more about BCHC click here: