Mental Health


The Boone County Health Center’s Mental Health department is located in a separate building, diagonal from the Health Center, to provide a private, confidential, and relaxing environment for patients. Services are available for all ages, from young children to geriatric patients.

Services Include:

  • Assessment
  • Individual counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Couples counseling.
  • Drug/Alcohol Evaluations

Conditions Include:

  • Depression
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Chronic mental illness
  • Drug/Alcohol Addiction

Kayla Baker, LIMHP, LPC, LADC

Kayla Baker is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). She is the Mental Health Department Director. Kayla chose a career in therapy because she enjoys connecting with people and using an honest therapeutic relationship to assist clients in feeling empowered, creating change, and improving their emotional well-being. She has experience and enjoys working with post-partum mothers, substance abuse, couples, adolescents, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma. She utilizes a holistic approach to include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, and mind-body work as she works with clients.  Outside the office, Kayla enjoys being a mother to two young boys, spending time with her husband, playing court and sand volleyball, and listening to podcasts. Kayla is able to schedule patients four days each week.

Kathy Schindler, LCSW, LIMHP

A graduate of the UNO Social Work Program, Kathy has been practicing the field of mental health for over 20 years. Growing up in a rural community and currently farming/ranching with her husband has provided a unique understanding of the challenges and strengths of rural farm/ranch living. With a wide variety of experience in mental health therapy, Kathy enjoys working with young adults/ adults treating a wide array of needs including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, family issues, and more. She is able to schedule patients two days a week.

Teal Hunt, LMHP

Teal is an empathetic and warm Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who values the need to hold a judgment and shame-free space for clients to explore and process their emotions. Teal draws on various techniques in her practice as an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Certified therapist and Consultant in Training, including ego state work, attachment theory, polyvagal theory, yoga, mind-body techniques, and family systems therapy. Teal believes curiosity and safety play the biggest roles in creating change through therapy and takes a holistic, individual approach to get to the root of mental health symptoms. Teal works with clients of all ages but especially enjoys working with adolescents and adults. Outside of the office, Teal enjoys spending her time weight training, taking long walks, learning anything about brains and bodies, and spending time with her husband, two step-sons, and a plethora of pets. Teal is able to schedule patients four days each week.

Emi Brugger, PLMHP

Emi Brugger is a Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP). Emi believes in building trusting relationships with clients to provide a compassionate therapeutic experience through genuine support, skill-building, and mental health awareness. She helps set therapeutic goals tailored to each individual and their specific needs. She enjoys working with adolescents, adults and is open to seeing a wide variety of mental health needs. Emi utilizes approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and person-centered therapy. Personally, Emi enjoys spending time with her husband and two Australian shepherds on their farm. She enjoys weight lifting, traveling, and spending time at the local airport flying. Emi is able to schedule patients three days each week.

Make an Appointment

Call 402-395-3247 to schedule an appointment with one of our four therapists.

Psychiatric Telehealth

A telehealth appointment consists of a private room with the ability to have an interactive conversation while viewing and discussing a personal situation with a physician. The setting for telehealth appointments is a comfortable room located in the specialty clinic area at Boone County Health Center.

Patients of all ages, pediatric through geriatric, can be seen by an expert in the mental health field to help diagnose mental health concerns, manage medication, and provide additional consultation to primary care providers.

Services Include:

  • Diagnose mental health concerns
  • Manage medication
  • Provide Counseling
  • Consult with primary care providers

Conditions Include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Other mental health issues


Dr. Jennifer McWilliams

Children’s Hospital and Medical Center’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer McWilliams, received her doctorate from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. She has done psychiatric telehealth for many years and makes telemedicine feel natural for her patients. In fact, many children and adolescents find this form of technology to be second nature.

Dr. Matthew Dobbertin

Boys Town National Research Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. Matthew Dobbertin, received his doctorate from Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine in Henderson, NV. He has expertise in addressing the unique mental health needs of young people and serves patients aged 5 to 18 through telehealth appointments. Dr. Dobbertin believes in the power of honest and open communication to facilitate healing and growth and has a compassionate approach to patient care.

Dr. Rachel Zentner

Mary Lanning Healthcare’s Psychiatry Specialist, Dr. Rachel Zentner, received her doctorate at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Her main areas of interest include women’s behavioral health, including post-partum and mental health in NICU moms.

Make an Appointment

To take advantage of telehealth psychiatry services at Boone County Health Center, patients can call Valorie Slizoski, social worker, at 402-395- 3109. Valorie coordinates psychiatric telehealth appointments and can set patients up with the appropriate provider, depending on their situation.