Yearly Health Exams Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

By: Amy Olnes, APRN, FNP-C

Healthy people don’t often think about going to the doctor, but the truth is yearly health exam aren’t just for kids anymore. Research shows that a visit to your Primary Care Provider (PCP) each year can keep you healthier in the long term and even save you money.

When you see your PCP each year, you are establishing a baseline of what is healthy for you. This will help your PCP spot health changes and could lead to an earlier diagnosis or even a chance to stop a problem before it starts.

Based on your age and health level, your PCP will decide what you need to be screened for each year.

As you age, this may involve:

  1. Checking your moles to make sure they are not showing early signs of skin cancer.
  2. Screening for learning or behavior issues in younger patients and memory loss as patients age.
  3. Looking at younger patients for scoliosis, which is the curving of the spine, and older patients for osteoporosis, or weak bones.
  4. Testing and review of vital lab results.
  5. Answering questions you’ve had about your health all year such as achy knees or not sleeping well.

Meeting with your PCP each year gives you a chance at living a better quality of life when it comes to your health. Finding problems early means you have a better chance for treatment and a cure if health issues do show up.

In the long run, better health means less health care bills for you. Also, adding to the savings, yearly health exams are free with most health care plans. Call your PCP to set up a visit today.