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At Boone County Health Center (BCHC) we know you may need to find out how much a procedure or service will cost before having it.

  • For help finding out how much a service or procedure will cost, please call BCHC at 402-395-2191 and ask for Patient Financial Services. Actual costs may vary from estimates depending on services performed or timing with other payments that impact your bill.
  • We are committed to transparency and want to help you understand your health care pricing. For more information, see this booklet:  Consumers Guide to Healthcare Prices

We know health care billing and insurance can be complicated.

  • For help with your current bill, call 402-395-2191 and ask for Patient Financial Services.
  • For help with a bill that is past due:
    • If the bill first came before January 2, 2018, call 402-395-3268.
    • If the bill first came after January 2, 2018, call 308-398-3955.
  • For a loan to help pay off your medical bills, call Nancy at Cornerstone Bank 402-395-2151.

Here are our Payment Guidelines

For unresolved issues or suggestions on billing or an experience at BCHC, please fill out this form: Patient/Visitor Issues or Suggestion Form

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