Pricing Estimates

The procedures provided on this website represent the most common procedures performed at BCHC, and the cost associated with each is a best estimate.  The prices provided are NOT a guarantee of the amount you may be billed.  These estimations are for the actual procedure ONLY, unless otherwise specified.  There are many factors that can contribute to a variance in the price estimated.  Some of those factors are listed below.   Your full charges will be dependent on your level of care needed and the orders deemed necessary by your provider.  Furthermore- the Room Rate charges provided are for the actual room/bed charge only.  There will be many other factors included in your overall bill for inpatient stays including supplies, lab work, radiology procedures, pharmacy charges, etc.

Below are some factors that may cause variances between the estimated prices and actual charges, but this list is not all inclusive:

  • Length of time you stay at the hospital
  • Length of time for the OR procedure or recovery
  • Any supplies and medications
  • Certain special equipment used
  • If additional testing is required
  • Whether there are any complications with your procedure, or required any other specialized care
  • Specified CPTs (many variances exist- again these are just the MOST COMMON procedures, but many variances exist for each procedure performed)

In addition, these estimates do NOT include any physician charges.  These are estimates for BCHC hospital charges only.   You may receive a bill from BCHC for all hospital related charges, as well as any other physicians who are not a part of our staff but have aided in your care in some way.  For example, you may receive separate bills from:

  • The surgeon involved with your procedure
  • Any Specialty Clinic provider
  • Anesthesiologist assisting with the procedure
  • Radiologist reading the X-rays and other tests
  • Your primary care physician if he or she is part of your care at the hospital
  • Any other specialists consulted during your care
  • Any lab work that can not be performed or examined on site and is sent to an outside lab for results

Furthermore, the amount you will pay will be dependent on your type of insurance carrier and the benefits they provide.  Please contact your insurance carrier for specifics on types of procedures covered, deductibles, out of pocket, etc.

Finally, we try to base our hospital prices off of the information we have access to for average prices  among all Nebraska Rural hospitals for each procedure.  Those average prices are released periodically so our prices may change to suit those fluctuations.  We also do periodic audits of various departments to ensure the pricing is up to date with the most current data we have access to.  Prices may change at that time if we find any out dated charges.  We reserve the right to change the prices at any time if we see fit. If you would like a more specific individualized estimate of the actual procedure you will be having done at that time, please contact Stacey at or 402-395-3236.

I have read and understand the above limitations and I fully understand that this is only an estimate. My actual charges can and will be (higher or lower) than the estimate.