Find Out How a Nurse Navigator Can Help You

By: Boone County Health Center

Two new Nurse Navigators Mary Hellbusch and Jessica Jacobi recently began reaching out to patients. They answer questions, help patients understand doctors’ orders, and let patients know if they’re due for important follow-up appointments.

The Nurse Navigators work out of the Albion clinic but offer their services to patients throughout the BCHC service area.”Our goal is to help patients have better health now,” explained Nurse Navigator Mary Hellbusch. “Good, continued maintenance of ongoing illnesses can help patients live a healthier life and avoid hospitalizations or readmission.”

“Our focus has always been on our patients and helping them get healthy,” said Vice President of Clinic Services Tammy Reigle. “By implementing Nurse Navigators, we’re trying to help prevent patients from getting sick in the first place.”

The Nurse Navigators are just one aspect of BCHC’s focus on offering The Total Experience: personalized patient care, improved health, and lower healthcare costs.

“We want to offer a personalized patient experience, which ultimately leads to better health for our patients. When your health is better, your healthcare costs are naturally lower,” Tammy said. “Recent shifts in healthcare insurance compensation put greater focus on quality of care over quantity, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

The Nurse Navigators have just begun reaching out to patients. Right now, their focus includes patients who have recently been seen in the Emergency Room and those who have been diagnosed with diabetes.

“So far our patients have loved it. We’ve gotten a really great response when we call,” said Nurse Navigator Jessica Jacobi. “The patients like to know we’re taking care of them.”

Over time, the Nurse Navigators will continue to broaden their list of patients. However, anyone interested in the Nurse Navigator services now can call Mary at 402-395-3197 or Jessica at 402-395-3124.